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This section of the Second Draft contains our investigations into various cases where we think the Mainstream Media failed on their "first draft." We began with Pallywood and the Al Durah affair, and will continue to add on examples as they arise and our capacities enable us to explore them.  Most of our examples come from the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is, to our thinking, both emblematic of a larger problem, and in some ways the most advanced case of Mainstream news media's failures to report responsibly to their reading and viewing public.  We welcome suggestions for other investigations and even contributions of studies that others have compiled.  We do not assume that either the Arab-Israeli conflict is the only one where the media "gets it wrong," or even that they always get it wrong on one side only.  While Second Draft cannot play the role of a regular media watchdog, it can choose key incidents and examine them closely, explore the deeper reasons for the failure, and track the consequences of that failure.






Gaza Beach

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