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CNN does the Palestinian Leaks 26.01.11

John Vause covers the Al Jazeera PP Leaks from Atlanta. He focuses on the issue of the "right of return" of the Palestinian refugees, numbering some 5 million. He skypes Akiva Eldar to get the Israeli reaction to the document leaks.  This piece has so many things wrong with it, it could be entitled "TV Journalism 101: How not to do it." Or, "How many mistakes can you find in this one piece of under seven minutes?" Or, "How does our news media manage to be so smart and competent and still get it upside down?" I plan a piece for the VEA on that last theme, dissecting this "story" which I consider emblematic (a thick description) of the Augean Stables. I welcome comment here. Links to good articles very welcome.




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written by Lorenz Gude, January 29, 2011
What journalism? -I don't see no freakin' journalism. I see Wagnerian opera mit leitmotif. "The Palestinian Papers" = the leit motif (bassoons in a minor key) and all else follows. Once again, the shameful truth is revealed. As we know well, it is always and ever 'out there' reposing in its secret government archive waiting for the hero to reveal it.(trumpets)
Isn't it on the table?
written by Yisrael Medad, January 29, 2011
Strange isn't it that "we all know what's on the table" as regards Israel (no Yesha communities, redividing Jerusalem, etc.) but we don't seem to know what's on the Arab table: no right of return? The Arabs never have to compromise?

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