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BBC covers the Turkel Commission, 23.01.11

A slick dismissal of the Turkel Commission's finding: "nothing surprising," so why bother telling you what it found (and a BBC investigation had found).. A great excuse to play the even-handed game, concluding, "no one on the outside will be swayed by this report." The viewer is left completely in the dark about what happened, a fortiori about the disastrous international consequences of that misunderstanding... rather, sustain it.



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BBC interviews Sari Bashi from Gisha on Turkel Commission, 23.01.11

Gisha is one of those NGOs that claims the halo of "Human Rights" when it's actually an advocacy organization with a strong political agenda. Bashi reveals her ideological commitments immediately, and the interviewer keeps the subject on the legality of the blockade rather then the key findings about the events on the Mavi Marmara. Again, the viewer is offered excuses for not finding out what the BBC apparently has no interest in telling them about.



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BBC interviews Regev on the Turkl Commission. 23.02.11

Regev is given the time to answer some fairly aggressive questions, although the interviewer does not seem interested in his answers. Well informed about weak points in the report. Strong contrast with the free ride given to the report's critics.



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BBC Gives Zoabi a Platform 23.01.11

The interviewer is clearly not happy with how long Zoabi carries on, but interrupting her (as BBC reporters do so readily with Israelis), is not part of the program. In any case, none of her assertions are challenged. The uninformed viewer would have every reason to sympathize with Zoabi.



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BBC's report on the Turkl Commission 23.01.11

Most of the discussion from John Davidson in Jerusalem who calls into question the Israeli commission by invoking a Turkish and UN Investigation (neither of which are critiques) and suggesting that since Turkl contradicts them, his commission is not credible. 



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BBC Panorama does Mavi Marmara, 12.09.10

In an unusually fair documentary, the BBC reviews the events around the Mavi Marmara and decisively concludes that those aboard were the aggressors, and not, as the "activists" involved claimed, the Israelis firing as they landed. The program received the predictable cries of outrage from the anti-Zionist camp, and when the BBC covered the Turkel Commission Investigation of events, they never mentioned their own documentary. If it supports Israel, even if it's their own organization, they won't mention it.



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German Demonstration January 3, 2009 against OCL

This is video made of a demonstration in Germany during Operation Cast Lead. It features both Muslim demonstators and (high ranking) members of Die Linke (a left-wing party with members in the Bundestag). According to witnesses, the demo was divided by gender at the outset. I received this from someone who told me that it had been removed from the internet, partly because the members of Die Linke were unhappy at its publication. Shouts included: Allahu Akhbar, Death to Israel, Intifida to Victory, etc.



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BBC: The Path to Peace 02.09.10

An interesting discussion of the role of Hamas in the peace negotiations: are their recent attacks on Israeli civilians a sign that they want to be involved in the negotiations, or that they don't want such negotiations. Reporting from Gaza, John Donnison points out the deep hostility between Hamas and the PA, that without a reconciliation, no negotiations will work, that that reconciliation is a long way off, but he won't dot the i's and make it clear that Obama's call not to "let this chance for peace slip away" is misplaced. Only the most informed viewer could understand that it's the Palestinians who are far from being able to negotiate a peace settlement.


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Tim Wilcox interviews Ahmed Youssef (Hamas) 02.09.10

A perfect example of a demopath (Youssef: We tried peace negotiations for 16 years) and his dupe (Wilcox, who apparently doesn't know or doesn't dare challenge him about fighting peace negotiations with terror for 16 years). Instead, he limply challenges him and opens up the space for another demonization of the Israeli "killers."



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CNN: Zakaria on Lebanese synagogue refurbishing 22.08.20




Fareed Zakaria, who was quite good in the aftermath of 9-11 has lately turned into a determined dupe of demopaths - especially when it comes to the "Ground Zero Mosque." Here he notes the rebuilding of a synagogue in Beirut. "Why," he asks, "would the Lebanese restore a Jewish house of worship?" He answers: "To show that Lebanon is an open and tolerant country." Alternative answer: "To get dupes like Zakaria to present Lebanon as an open and tolerant country just as it becomes less of one all the time. It apparently doesn't occur to Zakaria to ask why there are so "few Jews remaining in Lebanon," or to ask if Hizbullah's claim that they "only have a problem with Jews occupying Arab lands" means the Green Line or the shoreline, or who will worship in this magnificent restoration. The useful idiots who fell for the Soviet's Potemkin Village have nothing on Fareed.
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BBC: James Reynolds discusses announcement of new round of talks. 21.08.10

James Reynolds, former Middle East correspondent tries to put an optimistic face on Obama administration's announcement that a new round of talks will start that hopes to reach a resolution in one year (!). Although he refers to the formidable obstacles, he adheres to the notion that "that's where it all began and that's where it all must end; that's the heart of the world's problems." He thinks that the Palestinians will be enticed by the partial freeze (rather than becoming a cause for more irredentism). It's harder to imagine more intelligent-sounding folly than this discussion.



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BBC: Bowen interviews Daniel Luria about E. Jerusalem Settlements 15.07.10



A typical piece from Jeremy Bowen in which Israeli settlers make peace impossible. After meeting the irredentist Daniel Luria, Bowen takes us to the house of the Abu Nab clan, who are renting a house that was a Jewish synagogue before the Arabs took East Jerusalem in 1948. Although Bowen has no problem interrupting Luria with the Palestinian perspective, when Abdullah Abu Nab tells him that he wants to protect "the land of our Palestinian grandfathers," Bowen has no challenge. As far as he's concerned, any Israeli action in "occupied East Jerusalem" ignore "Palestinian rights," and makes peace impossible.

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CNN on Obama-Netanyahu meeting, July 6, 2010

This is the product of CNN's Abu Dhabi studio done by Prism, with Stan Grant. A long and unchallenged "Interview" Saeb Erakat Chief Palestinian Negotiator. White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux describes the US political stakes and then the Israeli perspective is left to CNN correspondent in Israel, Frederick Pleitgen. Settlements is at the heart of every discussion.


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CNN: Clancy anchors an analysis of Netanyahu-Obama meeting 06.07.10

Clancy presides over a constant refrain is: "Will Obama hold the line about the settlements?" Incitement does not make it into the discussion once. The frame is Israeli responsibility for PA's refusal to have negotiations by not giving in on settlements. At the end of an interview with his Jerusalem correspondent, Clancy responds to Pleitgen's mention of Iran by brushing it off to get to "the most important issue... settlements."



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BBC Roundtable discussion on the Flotilla and the Gaza blockade 20.06.10

Roundtable discussion of four people, all of whom think Israel is wrong (indeed like South Africa under apartheid), that the boarding of the Mavi Marmara was a terrible crime, and who represent what they claim is "world opinion." Speaking favorably of boycotting Israeli food in the supermarket: Israel is an embarrassment, American and European criticism too muted. Not one voice offering an alternative perspective. No wonder Europeans live in a bubble when it comes to what's happening in the Middle East: they have no exposure to alternative views.



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CNN: Zakaria interviews Danny Ayalon 13 June 2010

Zakaria's questions all place Ayalon on the defensive - "What is Israel going to do to apologize to Turkey?" "inhuman blockade" etc. Compare with his interview with a Turkish representative.


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CNN handles the Ground-Zero Mosque controversy June 7, 2010

Compare this presentation with the news report in TV series "True Blood."


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CNN Clancy tackles the Flotilla 1 June 2010



Clancy briefs with two anti-Israel takes bracketing a voice cautioning against jumping to conclusions. The notion that at the end of this "you've been briefed" as Clancy says, illustrates how words have lost their meaning.


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CNN: Interview with Nabil Shaath on the flotilla 31.5.10

Not a tough question; on the contrary, he gives Shaath every opportunity to present the Palestinians as peaceful negotiators constantly frustrated by Israeli warmongers. The interviewer seems primarily interested in "uniting" the Palestinians.



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CNN: Holmes does Backstory on Palestinian Activists 31.5.10

In the midst of the flotilla fiasco, Michael Holmes does a background story on the people behind the flotilla. Rather than look into the story behind the people who started the fighting and got killed - IHH - with their jihadi chants and terror ties, he does a puff piece on a couple that founded ISM, including a long piece he did on their marriage in 2002. It's a good reminder of the kind of romanticization of the Palestinian cause that CNN's coverage offered during the intifada - no mention of the suicide bombing that ISM both justified and abetted. Holmes today is neither sadder nor wiser; and the public continues to suffer.



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