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CNN: Anderson interviews Livny and Youssef 31.5.10

Becky Anderson interviews Tzipi livni Fmr. Israeli Foreign Minister, and Ahmed Youssef (father of the apostate), Deputy Foreign Minister of Hamas on the flotilla fiasco. Good example of the way anchors feel they have the right to interrupt and challenge Israeli spokespeople, but suddenly lose their swagger when they deal with Arab interviewees.



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CNN: Octavia Nasr explains Arab Rage and Social Media 31.5.10

Octavia Nasr, CNN's special consultant on Arab culture takes Arab rage for granted (no irony, she seems to share it), and then discusses how the pro-flotilla folks twitted around the world, taking the lead from the hands of a political leadership that is slow and impotent. It's hard to avoid the sense that she's rooting for these folks. This is just the kind of explanation the West needs.



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Turkish CNN Footage from boat during fight 31.05.10

highest definition available, you can see soldier being swarmed with sticks, stabbed near a door, and a soldier with face wound.



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Israeli thermal footage of battle on top deck 31.05.10

taken from above.



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Israeli thermal footage of the attack on IDF soldiers 31.05.10

taken from boat alongside before dawn. you can see one soldier thrown down to the lower deck, lots of sticks beating soldiers.



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CNN Covers the "Gaza Armada" 28.05.10

This is a perfect example of bad reporting, from the opening characterizations to the nature of the interview process, to the total imbalance of presenting sides. One could hardly expect someone coming away from this piece by Rosemary Church to understand what's going on. Planning both a VEA and a DWM for this, so comments welcome.



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CNN: Clancy "hosts" a debate between J-Street and AJC 16.03.10

Jim Clancy hosts a debate between J-Street's Jeremy Ben-Ami and the American Jewish Committee's Ben Cohen. Clancy repeatedly interrupts Cohen so rudely that he was forced later to apologize by his superiors at CNN. In the meantime, it's a fine example of how anchors show their true colors when they see their favored figures getting a hard time.



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BBC: Pakistani Demonstrations against Facebook 19.5.10

The demonstrations against Facebook, like those against the Danish Cartoons, included death threats. Would you even know that from this account? Ali Maqbool makes it (vaguely) about the problem of (potential) censorship. Very lightweight reporting, no hard questions.



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BBC Kay with Crowley and Koppel on US-Israel tensions 17.3.10

US next move Kathy Kay interview with PJ Crowley Assistant Secretary of State about the crisis. Kay is aggressively hostile to Israel from the start - "The Vice President receives a very public slap in the face when he visits Israel..." and continues throughout. It's clear what she'd like to see: a slap in Israel's face. Crowley avoids her efforts to stir the pot, Koppel, distinguishing between "existential threats" where you can't push the Israelis and "facts on the ground," where you can, hopes to see, finally, some US backbone. 1707



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BBC Bowen on Israel's Insult to US 15.3.10

Ambassador Oren said Israel face worst relationship crisis in 35 years. Jeremy Bowens on Axelrod interview in which he refers to the Biden affair as "an affront, an insult" & aspects of the crisis, building freeze, "the fundamental question is how this very small country can push a very large country around".



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CNN Amanpour interviews Ben-Ami and Harris on Israel Lobby 20.11.09

Christiane Amanpour interviews Jeremy Ben Ami (J-Street) and David Harris (American Jewish Committee) on whether criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. She interrupts constantly and repeatedly reveals what she thinks. This is a professional journalist? or an advocate for what she believes will bring peace?



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CNN Clancy and Talal abu Rahmah, award winner 28.12.09

Jim Clancy interviews Talal abu Rahmah, whose contributions to Pallywood and staging of the al Durah libel have been extensively chronicled here. Clancy makes no mention of the controversy. Instead he fawns all over Talal, his good friend ("You are a journalist, a respected journalist...") and presents him as a model to aspiring journalists ("Making a difference in Gaza by telling the truth.") How can journalism learn from its mistakes when it deals with them like this?



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CNN covers US drones targeted killings 19/10/09

American media is far less interested US targeted killings than Israeli, but finally events in Pakistan have prompted some concern about the "once secret program."  Here CNN tackles the issue in a tepid sort of way.  No one challenges the spokesman who claims that 1/3 of the 1000 casualties are civilian (well-known figures claim 700 civilians killed for 14 targets in Pakistan).  No scenes of Pakistani civilians, no interviews with outraged Pakistani officials, just suits discussing whether the CIA should be ordering these strikes.  Imagine CNN reporters being told by an Israeli official that TKs are "the only game in town."  Double standards, anyone?



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BBC Hardtalk: Sackur with Barghouti on the Settlements 19.11.09

Barghouti tries every way he can to apologize for the Palestinian's hard line on not negotiating with Israel. Sackur is a tough interviewer, even though he doesn't catch Barghouti on his shakey history. When Sackur challenges Barghouti that this new intransigence is a way of pressuring Obama into forcing Israel to make concessions, Barghouti says, "Yes. why not?" Sackur's knowledge of the past seems limited, and never even mentions the long history of Palestinian rejection of Israeli offers, including the violence of the second intifada. A study of demopathy, and the relative weakness of a Western response poorly informed (or unwilling to raise the details) about Palestinian intransigence for the last 60 years. Israel is thus responsible for Palestinians not getting their share of the 1947 division; Israel will be responsible for the failure of the "two-state" solution; Palestinian struggle has been "95% non-violent." Sackur's performance is considerably weaker than his interview on the same themes with Nabil Shaath (soon to appear as a "Dialogue with the Media."



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BBC Dateline: Four thinkers on Obama and the Arab-Israeli conflict, 31.10.09

Dateline from Abu Dabi's "Gulf Festival of Thinkers": Kate Durian, Abdul Khallek Abdullah, Francis Matthew, Muhammad al Naqbi. Obama's extending of the hand of friendship to the Muslims. Obama gets a B, because of Israeli intransigence. The host assumes that "land for peace" is the only way to go. He doesn't even notice that his Arab guests don't even share that much of a view (right of return), and that for them, Obama's pressure should be entirely on Israel (settlements!) whose government is "about as far right wing as you can imagine." No one is exposed to, or discusses Arab intransigence. Not a word about Arab problems since the Arab-Israeli problem is a "touchstone issue" for the Arab world. Another case of Western journalists enabling Arab use of anti-Zionism as what Irshad Manji calls the great "Weapon of Mass Distraction." If this is the "great thinkers" the BBC can come up with, no wonder the Arab world is in such bad shape, and the West understands so little.



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CNN Troubled Waters in Palestine

Jim Clancy and Paula Hancocks do a story on water, first presenting the Amnesty International Report accusing Israel of cutting off water and throttling the West Bank supply, and leaving Gaza with little water 90-95% of which is contaminated. Final word given to Israelis who reject every aspect of the report. Palestinian narrative delivered by Human Rights NGO and CNN reporters, Israelis left to say, "no I don't beat my wife." 



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Goldstone interviewed on al Jazeera, October 22, 2009

Here's Goldstone claiming virtually none of his critics have read his report, especially the Obama administration with whom "I'd like to engage." Amazingly, the interviewer, Shihab Rattansi, doesn't even challenge him. Goldstone even refers to ius in bellum [sic!]. Discusses Abed Rabbo incident. Not a word about Hamas.



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CNN's Rosemary Church interviews Mia Farrow, 10/10/09

Mia Farrow comes to "put a face" on the poor children of Gaza and the "Palestinian people in general" and serves as a mouthpiece for Hamas anti-Zionist propaganda, with an assist from Rosemary Church who never questions her figures (1600 dead in OCL, of which 353 children), or her claims that Israeli bombs were laced with "phosphorous stuff." Not a word about Hamas' contribution to the suffering of their own people.  The solution: let's all be more compassionate. And Hamas?



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BBC Hardtalk's Steven Sackur interviews Nabil Sha'ath

Steven Sackur interviews Nabil Sha'ath on the negotiations with Israel.  Sha'ath finds every excuse in the book to justify the hardline stance of the Palestinians on negotiations -- not until Netanyahu freezes settlements.  At one point, an exaspreated Sackur says, "Why aren't you in Hamas? You sound like them."  Sha'ath's techniques are very similar to Al Zahar's to another Hardtalk host, Tim Sebastien. But again, like Sebastien, Sackur reveals only a portion of the problem by letting Sha'ath make claims that do not stand up to close examination.



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BBC covers Report, interviews Goldstone

Jeremy Bowen reports on passage of the Goldstone Report in UN, then the anchor interviews him by phone. Although Goldstone had expressed sadness at the one-sidedness of the report the previous day to journalists in Geneva, now he has backtracked completely. The anchor, who seems to know about the earlier remarks, gives Goldstone every opportunity to express his previous attitude, but never embarrasses him with an explicit mention.


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