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Second Draft's main mission is to investigate and, where necessary, critique the TV journalism's "first draft."  Here we engage in a dialogue with some of the more revealing "first drafts."


Amanpour and Adler Do Propaganda for Hamas

In the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, both Christiane Amanpour (then of CNN) and Katya Adler (of BBC) did pieces on Gaza's children, victims of... you guessed it, Israel. The almost identical pieces, constantly brushing aside anomalies (like Hamas contribution to their own children's tragedy), and constantly playing up the sweet innocence of the children illustrates the old expression about a herd of independent minds.



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Amanpour interviews Goldstone: Mediocrity abounds

Christiane Amanpour interviews Richard Goldstone about his Report.  He systematically misrepresents both the report and what his Mission did; she, having done desultory homework, misses most of his misinformation. Given the importance of this report and how badly done it was, she (and other interviewers) have let us down.  For more on go to Understanding the Goldstone Report and my article in two parts at MERIA: Goldstone's Gaza Report, Part I: A Failure of Intelligence and Part II: A Miscarriage of Human Rights.


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BBC: Tim Sebastien's tough interview with al Zahar

Dr. Mahmoud Al Zahar is by training a surgeon, and a major political and ideological figure in Hamas. His dedication to eliminating Israel is well known.  Here legendary "Hard-Talk" star Tim Sebastien gives him a hard time as he tries to blame Israel for everything while excusing his own side's behavior (BBC Doha Debates).  A study in demopathy, partly confronted by hard questioning, supplemented by Second Draft.

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CNN presents: "The Analyst" - Starring Diana Buttu

Diana Buttu was the "go-to" woman for the Palestinian perspective during the Gaza hostilities.  Here she's interviewed by CNN's Ralitsa Vasileva.  Buttu's performance erases the border between analyst and propagandist, and Vasileva, although she challenges her somewhat,  does not hold her to the standards of the claims implicit in her title, "political analyst."

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Dear Annie: Questions on the Passion of Annie Lennox

Veteran rock star Annie Lennox participated in a vociferously pro-Hamas rally in London on January 3, 2009, after which she was interviewed on her opinions by the BBC.  In her emotive performance, Lennox reveals a remarkable lack of familiarity with the situation in the Middle East. We note some of her lacunas in knowledge and, along with the interviewer, ask her some pointed questions.

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