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Al Dura Footage Selections


AP cameraman

8 seconds of footage from another camera filming the intersection. Father and son visible behind the barrel with cameraman behind them (white flak jacket), second person running by stops behind them (4 in a row). Muhamed’s foot moves forward.

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France 2 the 6 takes

We offer the six different takes in the al-Durah sequence partly because the very fact that the mere 59 seconds of such dramatic footage break down further into six distinct takes with the father and son moving in between each, raises questions.


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France 2 missing rushes

Here is 17 of the 21-27 minutes that France2 showed the court. Enderlin and associates cut out at least one scene that was comically fake. But even what remains shows a number of either staged, or aborted staged scenes.

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France 2 raw: Al Durah sequence

The 59 seconds of footage of the Al Durah sequence. This version comes from Israeli TV with a reporter’s voice over who reports it as the Israelis killing the boy. The sub-titles translate “the boy is dead” in scene 3. Better quality copy.

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France 2 raw

This footage constitutes what I believe France2 “gave away” to other networks and gave to the Israeli military: contains sequences before the Al Durah scenes, including a quick glimpse of them behind the barrel, as a jeep drives by. Poor quality copy.

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Reuters cameraman

180 seconds of footage from cameraman directly behind barrel, connect gunfire with behavior of exposed people, note small size of people near Israeli position; the voices of father and son are audible.

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