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  • Pallywood Investigation

     Pallywood is the term we coined to designate a Palestinian film industry that systematically stages scenes of Palestinian injury and evacuation on the one hand, and “resistance” on the other.  The resulting propaganda footage, designed to “frame” the conflict as the brave Palestinian David fighting the cruel Israeli Goliath, is then passed on to the news media which fails to spot (or ignores) the staging, edits it into the most believable “sight-bytes” and presents it to their audiences as “real news.” 


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  • Al Durah

    The story of Muhammad al Durah, allegedly gunned down by a hail of Israeli bullets on September 30, 2000, took the world by storm. It played an important role in a wave of Anti-Zionism that helped propel the “new Anti-Semitism” of the 21st century.  Here again, we find a startling gap between the narrative of witnesses – the cameraman Talal abu Rahmeh – and the evidence of his rushes and those of other cameramen there at the time.  Since the first publications of our findings in 2005, this Affair has gone through a series of trials in France and a new documentary by Esther Schapira. This section explores not only the forensic evidence, but the impact of this “lethal narrative.” 


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  • Gaza Beach Investigation

    On June 9, 2006, the story of the Ghalia family, struck by an Israeli gunboat shell hit the airwaves, moving viewers deeply with  footage of a surviving twelve-year old Huda, wild with grief at her family’s slaughter.  Again, an investigation of the gap between narration and evidence suggests that, while the family was indeed wiped out by an explosion, the Israelis may not have been responsible. The news reporters, in this analysis, became professionally irresponsible pawns in a cynical exploitation of grief by Palestinian propagandists.  


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  • Al Durah the evidence







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